Bay Shore Wednesday Night Race – 8 September 2010

Our crew of six raced on Lake Macatawa. The winds had calmed to 13 knots after five days of 20+ knots.  Our usual Lake Macatawa course was four legs West to East loop.  The winds nearly from the North meant it was going to be a West reach and East reach and we were doubtful that we could run the spinnaker.

We had a good start but we were not the first.  We could have used Vaseline to pass one of divisions competitors sailboats, as we sailed for over hundred yards within feet of their siderails.  We passed the mark by over a boat length to leave the leeward boat sufficient room to round the mark to port on a jibe, and as we jibed, we took notice that they were not jibing, but pushing and forcing us to unjibe and we lost momentum.  Eight thousand pounds slowed to one knot.

We eventually completed our jibe, but we now had three of our competition in front us and three legs to pass them.  We hit 9.3 knots in winds 15knots plus.  I guess our averaged speed was 7.8 in 13 knots winds.

On leg four, one of our competition (Nemisis) was flying the spinnaker and rounded up within 400 yards of the finish, giving us enough opportunity to pass the finish line ahead, but behind the other two.

Steady winds

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About John Weller

Brought up sailing on Lake Macatawa (Holland, MI). Raced Sprites (12 ft main and jib) at the local yacht club as a youth. Raced on LicktySplit J35, BlackBeard S2 7.9, and Lake Effect T30 on Wednesday nights with the Bay Shore Yacht Club racing organization. Enjoy teaching, sailing, and skiing to those who want an adventure.

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