Caribbean to Bermuda Delivery Completed

The trip to Bermuda went excellent. Calm winds for two days and nice to heavy winds for three days.  Only 12ft swells and max winds of 27 knots.  BVI is nice, but so is Bermuda.  I can’t wait to return to both islands .  Finally made a movie of the recent caribbean trip. I cut it into four parts and I messed up the audio so it replays the same song in all four parts.    part 1  part 2–Kwg    part 3  part 4

Cons: No battery charger for my kindle.
Auto helm did not work on first and last day.
Pros: One night we saw a whale breach three times, although in the distance.
Saw two dolphins.
One full night of shooting starts, 20+ an hour.
Covered another 1000 miles in my log book.
Met wonderful people in the WCC Atlantic Rally and that staffed the WCC Atlantic Rally.
Became a junior member of the Prairie Pirates.
Great food for not planning a detailed daily menu.
No sea sickness.
Really impressed with Bermuda and site seeing, but driving the scooters is a risky adventure.
Crazy dinner menu by me.  We needed to eat the chicken that was thawing in the freezer that was not working 100% as a freezer.  So I cooked it the pressure cooker with coke-cola and BBQ sauce for 40+ minutes.  It was delightful.
Bermuda is seasonally warm, and snorkeling in mid-May is a cold thrill.  We did see barracuda, and lots of big fish.  There are thousands of places to snorkel on Bermuda island.
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