Bay Shore Race 1 of the summer series

June 2, 2010

We heard that there was no wind on the big Lake, so we took our time and headed out in medium fog to check in with the committee boat on the small lake, Lake Macatawa.  We had eight of our 10 crew.  The fog increased and we could hardly see 100 yards.  It was gripping to be with a 200 yards of 36 sailboats, as they pop in and out of sight.

Captain Jeff said hold off on raising the sheets, as he keenly anticipated the race would be canceled.  And sure enough, at 1855, the race was canceled.  The committee boat noted they could not see the other mark to be able to determine which boats were crossing the finish line.  It would also be very dangerous to suddenly see sailboats heading at you, and be surrounded by other boats in your division, and not able to tack in time.

How foggy was it? 

When we arrived at the marina, Captain Jeff turned into a slip, only to notice he turned two slips too early.

Till next week.

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About John Weller

Brought up sailing on Lake Macatawa (Holland, MI). Raced Sprites (12 ft main and jib) at the local yacht club as a youth. Raced on LicktySplit J35, BlackBeard S2 7.9, and Lake Effect T30 on Wednesday nights with the Bay Shore Yacht Club racing organization. Enjoy teaching, sailing, and skiing to those who want an adventure.

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